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5 Step Method For Safe & Effective Cannabis Use​


Astronauts grow accustomed to zero gravity before venturing into space. You can prepare prior to your journey as well. Using the 5 Step Method as a guide will help ensure your experience is the best it can be! Please note: We recommended that you experience cannabis on its own and understand its personal effects before combining with alcohol or any other mind or mood altering substances unless prescribed by your physician.


Make a plan

This experience is all about you. Set aside time free from other obligations and responsibilities. This is your time, enjoy it.

Have a supportive friend

While it's best to experience cannabis on your own, without other distractions, it's always a good idea to tell someone you trust what you are doing. Ask them to be on standby if you want someone to talk to.

Create a friendly environment
Dress comfortably, light layers are best. Turn off your phone (you can always switch it on if needed). Surround yourself with your favourite things (ie: music, movies, activities, etc.).



Understand your dosage

To understand how cannabis effects you, do the following: If inhaling, take one draw and then wait ten minutes. Repeat if desired. If using edibles, take 1/2 of the recommended dosage and wait one hour. Repeat if desired. Cannabis can effect your sense of time so please use a clock or other method of keeping time.


Prepare munchies beforehand

Cannabis will often stimulate your appetite. Portion-controlled, delicious light snacks will keep you prepared and moderate. Fruit is very useful for combating 'cotton mouth', mango is a delicious option that can enhance your experience.




How To Deal With Negative Side Effects

Unpleasant side effects are not fatal but can include elevated blood pressure and feelings of anxiety, paranoia, fear, dizziness, disorientation and nausea. If any of these should occur, try to relax and do the following:

  • Take some CBD

  • Cool down your body temperature by removing layers of clothing, opening windows, etc.

  • Drink cool water to hydrate

  • Eat a light snack

  • Smell fresh pepper

In the event that symptoms persist, they can usually be alleviated by simply going to sleep.



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