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Danielle Jackson (Miz D)

My Story

A cannabis enthusiast since the 70’s, I’ve been an adventurer for most of my life. From hitchhiking around Canada in my youth to exploring the world in luxury, managing casinos onboard Seabourn cruise ships . My curiosity about life has compelled me to travel, experience different cultures and seek to  discover myself in the process. Cannabis has always been an integral part of exploring both my inner and outer landscape.

When health issues forced my retirement from the gaming industry in 2001, I turned to entrepreneurship as a means to continue working, with a focus on delivering cannabis consumer information for holistic wellbeing. I officially launched my first brick and mortar business Sacred Space in 2004, introducing My Cannatherapy as a free and simple approach to therapeutic cannabis use and myself as a Cannatherapy Consultant.

With my 25 year professional background in travel, tourism and hospitality and quickly growing international clientele, cannatourism was a unique niche I was excited to pioneer. Building a business by word of mouth was challenging but by the time Canada legalized cannabis for adult use in 2018, my reputation for creating upscale cannacentric destinations, unique guided excursions and edutaining events was unsurpassed.

Over the years I’ve worn a variety of hats in the cannabis industry; entrepreneur, educator, mentor and community thought leader. My roles have been diverse but they share a common goal; creating a fabulous life of my own design helping others succeed personally and professionally with this amazing Plant.

In addition to speaking at numerous conferences, organizing a variety of events and supporting several community-building initiatives, highlights of my cannabis career include:

Based out of Vancouver, Canada and Merida, Mexico, I'm available for speaking, hosting, facilitation and consulting on an hourly, per diem or project-by-project basis. My rates are based on a sliding scale to accommodate most budgets. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation and let's explore your ideas together.


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