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I love to visit this delightful destination nestled in the heart of Kitsilano. It's a little tucked away but well worth finding! 


The Village is a  family run business with an excellent variety of cannabis products including low THC and CBD rich salves, oils and creams. Staff provide great  customer service and  dedicated member support  in a bright, tasteful, atmosphere. I especially  like enjoying a delicious cup of tea while I shop!


This is a great place to find the perfect gift of healing for that special cannabis enthusiast, especially if that enthusiast is you! After all, self-care is vital and nothing cares for us quite like cannabis.


Stop by and check them out, I promise you'll be glad you did! And when you do, please tell them Miz D sends her love :)

The Village Cafe & Dispensary
1540 #206 W 2nd Ave  Vancouver, BC V6J 1H2 | 778.379.6008

Andrea Dobbs, co-founder of

The Village Cafe & Dispensary

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