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It takes a village...

You can help us support cannabis consumers with much needed education, empowerment and connection. Show them you’re on their team and we’ll help you expand your brand awareness and social equity both online and at events.

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Besides attending and sharing our events with your social and professional networks, here are other ways you can get involved as well as more info on Me & Mary Jane events!

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Our events

Me & Mary Jane offers a variety of events that can be tailored to address the needs of your community. At registration, attendees are asked to choose the top three topics they are interested in learning more about. This allows Miz D and her team to understand the audiesnce’s primary areas of interest even before they hit the stage. They then strive to address as many of the most popular topics as possible. With an extensive network and ongoing online campaign, Me & Mary Jane anticipate local support will be enthusiastic.

To ensure that events are accessible to all *19+ consumers and those who are canna-curious, entry to all Me & Mary Jane events is by donations collected by volunteers at the venue following the presentation. Seating limits are in effect and pre-registration is required unless stated otherwise. No cannabis in any form will be sold at events. Light refreshments are served.

*21+ in the US

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Fabuluscious panels

Miz D hosts lively, interactive panels that offer intergenerational perspectives and diverse approaches to self-care with cannabis. Sometimes covering a variety of topics, other times focusing on one or two issue, panel content ensures attendees will enjoy an opportunity to join the dialogue, share their thoughts and ask their questions.

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Exclusive interviews


Whether she’s conducting the interview or being interviewed herself, Miz D gets up close and personal with other thought leaders and industry professionals who share their challenges, triumphs and ways that cannabis enhances their quality of life. Every cannabis consumer has a powerful story. Come hear theirs.

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Peer support salons


Our casual support circles offer consumers a chance to discuss their personal cannabis use with peers in a safe, non-judgmental space. Since 2004, these peer facilitated groups have been instrumental in helping enthusiasts connect, focus on their self-care and learn best practices from each other. Participants are encouraged to come enhance and leave inspired!

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Event Timing

Panels and interviews can be offered as 2.5 hour stand-alone events, extended when combined with other events (networking, brunches, live music, etc.) or included at cannacentric conferences/expos in a 50-60 minute timeslot. These events include a door prize draw.

Peer support salons typically run 1.5 – 2 hours and are for cannabis enthusiasts only. Media representatives or other professionals are not permitted except on a personal basis as a consumer.

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Host or Sponsor an event

Do you have a private or public venue that can accommodate casual seating for up to 25 people or theatre seating for 40+ attendees? We’d love to bring a Me & Mary Jane event to your community! Contact us, we’d be happy to work with you to make it happen.

Sponsorship starts at $1000 and plays an essential role in providing this unique consumer education. While we respect our legacy industry, sponsorship is limited to legal cannabis businesses and organizations. If you’d like to expand your brand awareness directly to consumers and increase your social equity, contact Miz D directly to discuss upcoming Sponsor opportunities.

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Participate as a panel speaker, interviewee, interviewer

Seeking experts of their own experience! If you are a cannabis enthusiast successfully self-managing your holistic wellness with cannabis, Miz D wants to include YOU in a lively panel discussion or exclusive interview to share your story and insights.

Not a consumer or new to cannabis? No problem. As the interviewer, you can put Miz D in the hot seat and explore her experiential knowledge on your choice of topics. Contact Miz D to participate.

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Provide in-kind businesses Services (ie: printing, marketing support, media, catering, etc.)

New and established companies and individuals can show their support by providing us with business services in lieu of financial sponsorship. Shoot Miz D an email with your ideas and let’s discuss how we can help each other. 

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Volunteer for onsite logistical support

Each Me & Mary Jane event requires a small team of volunteers to ensure things run smoothly on site. This can range from greeting attendees to collecting donations. If you’d like to volunteer at one of our events, please sign up here and we’ll contact you when we are hosting an event in your area.

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Donate to our door prizes

Miz D loves to give prezzies and we’d like our event door prizes to be valued at $250-$300. Bundled gift baskets include gorgeous glassware from Arte Vargas Studios, exquisite items from and exclusive fashion accessories from Miz D’s soon to be released FabulusciousU! Collection. We’d love additional items such as discount coupons, complimentary services, gift certificates or what have you. Contact Miz D with your ideas and let us highlight your brand!

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Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to working with you!

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