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The Cannatherapy Concept

A holistic approach to cannabis use


Focusing on evidence-based information and 40 years of personal research, Danielle Jackson (Miz D) has developed The Cannatherapy Concept in order to help others understand and maximize the benefits of this powerful therapeutic tool.


This 1.5 hour seminar provides basic education regarding the use of cannabis as a complimentary and alternative therapy. It is intended for healthcare professionals, caregivers, wellness organizations, holistic service providers and others interested in learning more about cannabis use to better support those who self-manage their personal health and wellbeing.


In addition to explaining how to use cannabis safely and effectively, Miz D shares openly about her personal experience with cannabis, as both a recreational and medicinal consumer. The seminar also provides an opportunity for a Q & A and attendees are encouraged to bring their questions.

Do you work with clients who consume cannabis?

Would you like to support them in their wellness journey? Miz D offers The Cannatherapy Concept seminar to individuals, groups, companies and organizations based on a sliding scale. Please contact her by clicking HERE for further information regarding hosting this unique and informational seminar.





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